New Mission Yoga Customer Reviews

Rob H.6/03/2024
I can't say enough great things about New Mission Yoga. The teachers are warm and inviting and give excellent guidance on how to get into poses safely and effectively. Steve23, the owner, is one of the best instructors I've ever had. He's done a amazing job of crafting not just a great place to practice yoga, but also a sense of community. I highly recommend the 90 minute hot yoga classes on Saturday or Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m. Be sure to bring water and a towel; and be prepared to sweat. It's truly the best way to start your day. Thanks Steve23, Alyssa, and Gabrielle for being the best instructors 🙂
Sarah M.6/03/2024
Such a wonderful community of yogis here! I’ve been going to hot classes for years and I’m so glad to have found this studio in my neighborhood. The instructors are kind and encouraging, the studio is inviting and cozy, and there are a variety of classes and events to suit all tastes. (Don’t miss hot pilates!!) Big thanks to all the New Mission Yoga folks for welcoming me into this community.
Yin Yoga w Alyssa is pure bliss as she expertly guides the class through multiple variations of poses to enable you to determine the best for your body to melt into, relax, and work the pliability of those tissues. As someone who needs to give the connective tissue, ligaments & fascia extra love - Yin Yoga delivers! I dance 2-3 times a week, and always hold tension in my hip flexors. After one class of Yin Yoga I noticed a difference in hip tension and an improved ability to raise my legs and move my body differently in my next dance class. Amazing! Thank you!
Sharon L.5/22/2024
I’ve been on the hunt for a hot yoga/pilates studio and was so happy to find Mission Yoga! There’s so many classes to choose from with such awesome instructors. This will be my new weekly go-to spot!
Jamie L.5/20/2024
I had a wonderful first time and it won’t be the last! Thanks for a could-never-dream-of Buti Yoga experience! I appreciate the relaxed and accepting environment, intensity was spot on, and the music selection had me grooving on an early Wednesday afternoon! ✨ Love the art!
Annie Y.5/07/2024
I always feel at home at mission yoga. I love this reincarnation from the previous studio, the layout of the space is great, there’s a lounge where you can hang out with Steve’s dog pepper. I took a bunch of classes during my visit and Steve and Alyssa were incredible teachers. Btw be sure to try the Yin yoga class- it’s such an understated class compared to hot Pilates and hot yoga but yin is so healing, gentle and life changing. I did hot yoga 60 and then stayed for yin yoga and it was exactly what I needed to help with my stress.
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Elise T.4/23/2024
Have been coming here 2-3 times per week for 4 months and really appreciated the community here. All the instructors are great and welcoming. Fantastic and funky environment to practice yoga. A gem!
Ashley S.4/07/2024
Quintessentially San Francisco! Welcoming, fun, quirky community in a roomy psychedelic space. A unique pallet of classes and experiences for all levels and an awesome destination to bring friends from out of town. So much love for this place and her people❣️❣️❣️
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Marta P.4/07/2024
Just had my first yoga class here at noon, and I'm already hooked! The studio has this amazing Burning Man vibe that makes you feel like you're stepping into another world or be back home. The energy was incredible—so welcoming and vibrant. The class itself was fantastic.Thank you Steve!
Paloma A.3/27/2024
New Mission Yoga offers an exceptional experience for yogis seeking both challenge and growth. The class provided a fantastic workout, pushing me to my limits in the best possible way. The instructor's guidance was motivating and supportive throughout, ensuring a fulfilling session. I'm already looking forward to returning for more. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a rewarding yoga practice!
Stefani A.3/24/2024
I just went to New Mission Yoga for the first time and I cannot recommend Kelly’s buti yoga class on Mondays! The space is so nice, intimate, and the staff were all so welcoming and genuine. Kelly made the class so energetic and fun while also being relaxing and deeply healing. Her class was a mix of yoga, heat, primal movements, rocking, dance, etc. just plain fun!! I cannot tell you how much I needed to reconnect with my body!
H N.3/24/2024
Ashley’s 90 min Hot yoga class was so amazing! She takes the time with each student and makes sure you’re able to do your poses in a safe way as to not hurt yourself. Incredible class
Dan C.2/25/2024
Lovely hot yoga class. Very friendly. Aesthetically pleasing studio. Cool lighting. Great instruction. Comfortable heat and humidity and clean purified air. Definitely try it out here!
Anand B.2/18/2024
I came here for 2 sessions of their 60 minute hot yoga in the morning, both great! I thought the instruction was equal parts gentle, motivating and precise! The decor, lights and music also made it a relaxing and at the same time rejuvenating experience.
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Yael H.2/18/2024
Magical energy!! Experienced a lovely sound bath here. The energy of the space is beautiful! Highly recommend.
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Stuti P.2/03/2024
Had a blast at buti yoga. Amazing workout. Wonderful staff. Embodied vibes. Beautiful space - I didn’t want to close my eyes at the end because the ceiling was looking so wonderful with their unique lighting
David F.1/30/2024
An absolutely fabulous yoga studio. Words can’t describe how purified I felt after the hot yoga session. I felt truly welcomed, embraced , nurtured and motivated by their expert guidance and yoga teaching. I highly highly recommend this yoga studio !!!
verenice c.1/28/2024
This yoga spot isn’t just about poses; it’s a cozy place where people support each other. It helped me find stillness in a world bustling with chaos. Being part of this community gave me purpose and peace. I miss the studio dearly and hope they can expand to Denver soon, bringing their transformative atmosphere to more people in need of tranquility. -☮️🧘🏽‍♀️🍃
Heidi L.1/27/2024
Steve was amazing, I am so glad I signed up for his Hot Pilates class! He is energetic and does the workout with you, which is very motivating. Would highly recommend this yoga studio. Love the colorful lights and upbeat music. They have mats / towels for rent. I brought my own mat but found out towels are required so I had to pay on the spot for one. They do take cash and credit cards.
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Martha B.1/27/2024
Attending the hot Pilates class at Mission Yoga is an invigorating and empowering experience. Steve's infectious energy and motivational teaching style kept me fully engaged and motivated throughout the session. His passion for fitness is truly inspiring, and I left the class feeling both physically and mentally rejuvenated. I highly recommend this class to anyone looking for a dynamic and fulfilling workout experience. Coco
Helen L.1/16/2024
Very welcoming vibe. I took the Hot Pilates class and it was fun and intense - the heat really makes you sweat! Felt the burn for sure. Definitely need to remember to bring a water bottle and a yoga towel and mat! Probably also should have brought a change of clothes!
Alejandra P.1/13/2024
I absolutely LOVE this yoga studio. Everyone is always so welcoming and kind. The instructors always have the best energy. I came into this studio as a beginner and did the 90 minute hot yoga with Steve23 and his doggy pepper. I was dripping sweat in every crevice, it pushed me but I was so happy and relaxed to be there by the end of the class. I also really love the buti yoga class. It’s high energy and all the dancing and booty shaking is a killer worker out. Highly recommend!
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Hector H.1/13/2024
Friendly knowledgeable staff. The hot room is always at the perfect temperature and I can’t believe how many different classes they offer. There is something for everyone at all level. Best hot yoga studio in the Bay Area!
Jessica D.1/06/2024
Phenomenal on Every Level! From the incredible instructors, amazing studio, fabulous and fun classes with music to match. Mission Yoga is where you can find each posture, each move and each moment are not just results orientated but they are ready for every level of student and all types of folx while leading with love! Here you find a home with a heart every time you enter and you know you chosen family awaits you with a smile. Come for class stay for the awesome events!
Emilse P.12/30/2023
This yoga studio has the best community in San Francisco. Every time I come to class someone recognizes my effort and is not the teacher! You feel supported and welcome. Music and lights takes you to another world! Is a must visit and affordable one! Thank you Steve23 for staying open all these years and in the best neighborhood, the Mission!
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Anthony P.12/23/2023
I heard through a friend JB about new mission yoga , that it was a place to learn the techniques of yoga. What I found is a group of dedicated practitioners and a vibrant community of folks who share the teachings together. It’s a space for learning patience and focus for your daily lifestyle. the ambiance of the studio is soothing. A definite recommendation for people looking for quality health and wellness, with other types of fitness classes available as well.
Nadine J.12/16/2023
The best yoga studio in the city - lots of great classes and an awesome community. Steve23 and Alyssa’s inferno hot pilates classes are my favorites, I love that I always leave class feeling amazing and stronger. The inviting decorations and neon lighting of the studio are real mood boosters each time you walk in. I really love this place!
Monique R.12/15/2023
I’ve only been there a few times and had Alyssa as my instructor. She’s so nice and clearly explains all the poses as you’re going through. The energy and community are great. I love how many options of classes they have available. INCREDIBLE ATMOSPHERE AND ENERGY!! Can’t wait to take more classes!
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Sophia F.12/15/2023
There’s no place like Mission Yoga! A true gem representing all good things Mission District & San Francisco: good people, great atmosphere & a killer fitness workout! I feel so welcome to each class regardless of my experience level, and its a very inclusive joint. Love Steve, Alyssa, Gabrielle, and all the great instructors they bring in
Media S.12/15/2023
I’ve been to many yoga studios around the country, and a handful in SF—Mission Yoga is hands down the best I’ve ever been to. The atmosphere is serene, clean, and it feels like a genuine community center. Everybody is so kind, and the classes are excellent. Big fan ❤️
Boe G.12/15/2023
I attended a sacred sound healing and mushroom ceremony here and it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. A friend convinced me to it as it’s a little out of character for me but it was insanely amazing. Everyone was so welcoming and the music and different instruments they use were very impressive. 10/10, great night!
KD B.12/15/2023
had yet another amazing experience at mission yoga. steve23 curates the most sublime spiritual experiences. it’s always gorgeous. it’s always divine.
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Kara E.12/08/2023
New Mission Yoga was the perfect studio to “renew” my dedication to yoga! The studio is very friendly and welcoming of all levels of yoga practitioners. The heat really works to sweat out what our body doesn’t want to hold onto. The nearly brand new yoga room and amenities are spacious, clean, and nicely designed / decorated. I am excited to try out each class and workshop. Thank you Steve23 and to Alyssa, today’s noon class (Thursday) instructor!
Brian S.12/08/2023
Mission yoga is the best yoga studio in the Bay Area! The attention to detail and depth of understanding the importance of individuality and patience is what sets this place apart . If you are looking for a fresh start or looking to start your yoga practice again don’t hesitate You will be amazed at what Mission Yoga can do to greatly improve not only your physical health but also your mental health. This holiday season give yourself the gift 💝 of healing ❤️‍ and enjoy the benefits of this Amazing yoga studio.
Cecori D.11/30/2023
I recently moved back to San Francisco after more than a decade away. I’ve been searching for a hot yoga home for some time now and believe I may have found it. The space, the teachers, and the students are all amazing. No muss, no fuss, just yoga and fun. Can’t wait until the next class!
Keriann A.11/30/2023
Steve23 runs an incredible studio that is welcoming, warm, with immaculate vibes. Hot Pilates is a true San Francisco experience not to be missed. The staff are great in accommodating injuries and other health needs, making this studio accessible to all. Highly recommend.
Jose C.11/30/2023
Wow … it is amazing: a work out & body healing. I loved it 😊 the hotyoga90 session with Steve was the introduction to yoga I was looking for. Steve’s teaching is instructive, helpful & personable. As a beginner I appreciated his teaching, no pressure or tension - harmonious approach
Kimberly M.11/18/2023
I love New Mission Yoga! My first hot yoga class and I felt very welcome. The studio has a beautiful atmosphere and vibe, lots of amenities, and I can't wait to experience more classes here!
Suely C.11/17/2023
I have been attending the Mission Yoga since 2017. I loved it the Inferno Hot Pilates. As a imigrante, I felt welcome at the first time I was there. Steve and his team are absolutely amazing, not only a profissional ( they know what they are doing) but make it everyone fells welcome, loved it and capable to do any class. They always check in if we are doing the right position. I loved it Mission Yoga and so I’m grateful for everything they have been doing for San Francisco, special our community. Absolutely amazing! Go! And booked a class!!🔥
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Steve23 S.11/16/2023
This beautiful temple is the closest you can find to a Burning Man theme camp anywhere outside of Black Rock City - it’s filled with art, community and people radically expressing themselves. Magical lights, gorgeous art, and craftmanship evident throughout the room. You can feel the love imbued into every bit of the room. Did I mention the classes? Nobody in the Bay Area is offering such powerful transformational fitness classes like here - Hot Box Yoga, Buti Yoga, Breathwork, plus all the amazing hot yoga varieties.
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Ben I.11/16/2023
Can’t recommend New Mission Yoga enough! The owner, Steve, and his amazing team of Yogis have created a unique yoga sanctuary in the heart of the Mission. I come for the hot yoga/pilates - the Pilates class is an absolute killer. Make sure to drink lots of water before/during/after class. Beyond the classes the studio has a special community feel to it.
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Ana D.11/16/2023
Mission Yoga has been my Go-to Yoga studio since I was I6-17yrs old. My mother brought me to the old studio back in 2010. I love the new Mission Yoga studio! Everything feels so natural and vibrant here. It is my second best place on earth, other than home, I call my sanctuary.!!
Pooja J.11/16/2023
Great studio. First time trying hot yoga, and the usual feedback of, “it’s stinks, it’s too hot etc.”, does not apply. Well ventilated space and the hatha yoga class I tried was great. Patient and encouraging instructor pushed me to do more, which I loved. Thank you!
Shannon S.11/16/2023
Thank you Steve 23! Such a great Sunday morning class during my visit to SF ❤️❤️❤️ So fun to run into other teachers also traveling through the grapevine here.
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Phoebe S.11/09/2023
Absolutely love this yoga studio- it has an amazing and friendly staff, welcoming environment and probably the best workouts I've ever had. I swear by their hot pilates practice - each and every time I finish a class I come out feeling incredibly energized, detoxified, strong, and confident. Love how it makes me feel inside and out- I'm addicted and can't get enough!!! 🙂
Niat T.11/07/2023
I had my first yoga experience at this class, and I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to yoga. The schedule flexibility allowed me to find a convenient time, and the instructor was incredibly welcoming, making me feel at ease. I truly enjoyed the class and look forward to continuing my yoga journey here.
Alexandra L.11/03/2023
I wish I could live here I love this space. Steve23 and all the teachers are so kind and talented. My favorite classes are hot Pilates and buti yoga.. and all the community events. 6 stars
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Miss L.11/03/2023
Excellent. Steve is a great instructor and very welcoming as it was my first time at this yoga studio. I took the hotyoga60 class and it although some poses were challenging for me, I left feel accomplished and relaxed. I will definitely be returning.
Hilda A.11/02/2023
Best yoga studio! Very friendly staff and variety of classes. Love the instructors Gabby, Steve and Alyssa. I love the hot 60 class and hot Pilates. This place will make you feel zen and give you a good workout. I love coming here and the place brings balance to my life. Great community of people too.
James B.11/02/2023
Every class is hard, and every time I'm getting better. Meanwhile the changes in my body over the past weeks and months are noticeable, and excellent. Love this place and the great people working there too! Loved also the Bauhaus being played tonight - perfect to step into the Halloween spirit this weekend too!
Laura K.11/02/2023
I’ve been coming to Mission Yoga for years. The hot yoga class is my favorite. What I love the most is how deep each stretch goes and how Steve guides participants to understand each posture. I stretch deeper and learn better form in every class. Plus, the staff is very welcoming and community focused.
Ruby M.11/02/2023
Been to many yoga studios, and Mission Yoga will always be my go to! The Vibes are like no other, I come out feeling like a new better me! Thank you Steve 23 for proving the community a safe place to unwind!
Gabrielle N.11/02/2023
This is more than a yoga studio, this is a family! Steve23 has done a beautiful job building a unique and warm community in the heart of the Mission. I started here as a student and I loved it so much I started teaching here. Such a gem!! Life wouldn’t be the same without Mission Yoga ❤️
Ketak G.10/26/2023
Love the studio!! All the teachers are amazing. I have been going there for over a year. It’s now part of my daily routine. I love the morning classes, good way to start your day.
Aidana D.10/22/2023
if you are looking for a place to practice hot 26/inferno pilates in san francisco - look no more! amazing classes, and even more amazing teachers. steve and the team really make this place feel like home
Don S.10/21/2023
New Mission Yoga is a gem. For over a year, their unique classes, brilliant instructors and welcoming community vibe have been an indispensable part of my daily routine. The studio radiates a rare energy, encouraging growth and connection that’s hard to find elsewhere — and the lights are cool, too 🙂 Thanks for the journey (so far)! 🚀
Nancy K.10/21/2023
This place is something magical and I've been coming since their old location. I no longer live in SF but the first thing I do when I come visit is take class. Steve23 and his doggie make you feel like you're walking in the door to your own home.
Juli L.10/21/2023
Steve23 has the best playlist ambient lighting and brings in top-notch teachers from all styles and modalities of movement and healing.
Ashley D.10/20/2023
Steve23, Alyssa and the whole community at New Mission Yoga are the best. This place is an EXPERIENCE. I’ve been coming consistently for over a year, and it is my peaceful place. There is a great variety of classes that challenge your mind and body in different ways, but nothing beats the classic 90 min 26x2. Can’t recommend highly enough!
Madison A.10/20/2023
Love this space! Great energy fun classes amazing teachers and unique SF charm. Don’t know I’d do without this space.
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Maricela Y.9/04/2023
Only good experiences here. Attentive friendly staff. Beautiful space with gorgeous lighting and welcoming community events. It is the vibe SF Mission needs.
Omar A.7/23/2023
This has become my favorite yoga studio in San Francsico. The instructors are knowledgable & friendly. The practice room is spacious, with high ceilings, and filled with beautiful & dreamy lights. And if it's your lucky day, you might be greeted by Pepper on the door! 🐶
Maricela Y.7/16/2023
Only good experiences here. Attentive friendly staff. Beautiful space and welcoming community events. It is the vibe SF Mission needs.
Mara F.7/09/2023
One of the my favorite places to be! I've done the hot Pilates and hot yoga classes. Steve and Alyssa are incredible teachers and do an awesome job at keeping up the motivation.
Tam L.3/21/2023
Enchanting ambience, friendly community, and last but not least, wonderful teachers. Great assortment of classes. The feeling that you get through every class is priceless. I always feel like a new person at the end of a class.
Giesa E.2/23/2023
I celebrated one month doing yoga with Mission Yoga! And signed up for another month! As a travel nurse it’s so amazing to have a loving, safe, and beautiful place to ground, connect, and practice yoga… I am so happy that Mission Yoga get to be my yoga home here in San Francisco! I though of doing Class Pass, and realized that I can contribute more to this wonderful business by signing up as a member even for a short term! If you are looking for yoga home come check it here, Steve and Pepper and all the teacher will gladly and warmly welcome your with open arms, smiling face, and loving hearts. See you around, namaste. 🙏🏻❤️‍🔥🧘🏻‍♀️
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Jordan H.2/17/2023
Buti is Fun and hard work! As a surfer a lot of the movements in this class will transfer to increased strength and control in the water.
Sonia M.2/16/2023
The best yoga class I’ve been in my life. It was magic and challenging. I’m going everyday. 🙏🏽
Lauren C.1/18/2023
I took the self-awakening yoga class with Gabrielle, and Gabrielle was great!! The class was so relaxing and soothing, and all of the poses and movements really helped me connect to my body better! I really appreciate how Gabrielle continually invited us to move our body in whatever way felt good and to be curious about how it felt rather than be focused on "doing it right". I liked the music and found it helpful. I really liked how at the end we were invited to move our bodies around in WHATEVER way felt good for several minutes-1 found this invitation very freeing. My one complaint is that the studio changed the class from yin yoga to self-awakening yoga at 11am for a 5:45pm class because the yin yoga instructor wasn't available, and I wish they would have been able to figure out that scheduling a little earlier. I'm glad at least they got a similar replacement instead of cancelling though!
Jefferson M.12/28/2022
Great place to dip your toe in the water or continue your practice! Warm, welcoming atmosphere and good people to meet!
Stephanie R.12/25/2022
If your looking for Hot Yoga this is the Studio to go to. Amazing Instructors!
Omar A.12/02/2022
Love the new studio!
Elizabeth L.12/01/2022
Great instruction that is encouraging and makes me feel welcome yet gets me to explore my limits! Beautiful new space but hte same friendly vibe.
Shey Paola M.11/27/2022
Thank you for the warm welcome! Loved the positive and calming energy.
Maria Y.11/21/2022
This space is so special. Super inspirational, healing and positive. Highly recommended!
Jiro Y.11/20/2022
Thank you Steve! Your studio is amazing! Thank you for checking on me through out the class. I attended a special class taught by the special guest teacher Laju. Steve, I believe the owner of the studio, I maybe wrong, but he was very nice, kind, and friendly. Thank you so vibe.
Richard B.11/18/2022
Across the psychic Rubicon! - after nearly three years torn from Group Practice what a thrill it has been to re-enter a magical space that combines real and measurable healthy environmental infrastructure with the best of Hot Yoga and Inferno Pilates. Fifth Two weeks ago Steve23 and the team opened an unrivaled space for pursuit of health and fitness. Pandemic and pensiveness kept me from crossing the rubicon for fifty one weeks. For me the time was right. After four glorious classes I feel I’m back. I imagine others like me are soon to follow.
Eryn G.11/17/2022
Best vibes! Friendly, unpretentious cd, great lights, an all-around excellent experience.
Tam L.11/09/2022
Magical. I love this yoga studio. The environment feels so mystical, like something that comes out of a fantasy novel setting. I've been here quite a bit, and all of the teachers I've had the honour of practicing with have been great (Gabrielle, Steve23, Alyssa). They provide excellent feedback and offer adjustments throughout the class. They take effort in getting to know every student by name and making it an inclusive community. It feels like home.
Alice T.11/01/2022
I started attending the New Mission Yoga about a month ago and it's been a great addition to my life. I feel a bit more balanced during my day, sleep better, and have acquired new energy in my life. The instructors are great and I'm always impressed that they make an effort in getting to know us and our names! 🙂