New Mission Yoga Customer Reviews

Maricela Y.9/04/2023
Only good experiences here. Attentive friendly staff. Beautiful space with gorgeous lighting and welcoming community events. It is the vibe SF Mission needs.
Omar A.7/23/2023
This has become my favorite yoga studio in San Francsico. The instructors are knowledgable & friendly. The practice room is spacious, with high ceilings, and filled with beautiful & dreamy lights. And if it's your lucky day, you might be greeted by Pepper on the door! 🐶
Maricela Y.7/16/2023
Only good experiences here. Attentive friendly staff. Beautiful space and welcoming community events. It is the vibe SF Mission needs.
Mara F.7/09/2023
One of the my favorite places to be! I've done the hot Pilates and hot yoga classes. Steve and Alyssa are incredible teachers and do an awesome job at keeping up the motivation.
Tam L.3/21/2023
Enchanting ambience, friendly community, and last but not least, wonderful teachers. Great assortment of classes. The feeling that you get through every class is priceless. I always feel like a new person at the end of a class.
Giesa E.2/23/2023
I celebrated one month doing yoga with Mission Yoga! And signed up for another month! As a travel nurse it’s so amazing to have a loving, safe, and beautiful place to ground, connect, and practice yoga… I am so happy that Mission Yoga get to be my yoga home here in San Francisco! I though of doing Class Pass, and realized that I can contribute more to this wonderful business by signing up as a member even for a short term! If you are looking for yoga home come check it here, Steve and Pepper and all the teacher will gladly and warmly welcome your with open arms, smiling face, and loving hearts. See you around, namaste. 🙏🏻❤️‍🔥🧘🏻‍♀️
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Jordan H.2/17/2023
Buti is Fun and hard work! As a surfer a lot of the movements in this class will transfer to increased strength and control in the water.
Sonia M.2/16/2023
The best yoga class I’ve been in my life. It was magic and challenging. I’m going everyday. 🙏🏽
Lauren C.1/18/2023
I took the self-awakening yoga class with Gabrielle, and Gabrielle was great!! The class was so relaxing and soothing, and all of the poses and movements really helped me connect to my body better! I really appreciate how Gabrielle continually invited us to move our body in whatever way felt good and to be curious about how it felt rather than be focused on "doing it right". I liked the music and found it helpful. I really liked how at the end we were invited to move our bodies around in WHATEVER way felt good for several minutes-1 found this invitation very freeing. My one complaint is that the studio changed the class from yin yoga to self-awakening yoga at 11am for a 5:45pm class because the yin yoga instructor wasn't available, and I wish they would have been able to figure out that scheduling a little earlier. I'm glad at least they got a similar replacement instead of cancelling though!
Jefferson M.12/28/2022
Great place to dip your toe in the water or continue your practice! Warm, welcoming atmosphere and good people to meet!
Stephanie R.12/25/2022
If your looking for Hot Yoga this is the Studio to go to. Amazing Instructors!
Omar A.12/02/2022
Love the new studio!
Elizabeth L.12/01/2022
Great instruction that is encouraging and makes me feel welcome yet gets me to explore my limits! Beautiful new space but hte same friendly vibe.
Shey Paola M.11/27/2022
Thank you for the warm welcome! Loved the positive and calming energy.
Maria Y.11/21/2022
This space is so special. Super inspirational, healing and positive. Highly recommended!
Jiro Y.11/20/2022
Thank you Steve! Your studio is amazing! Thank you for checking on me through out the class. I attended a special class taught by the special guest teacher Laju. Steve, I believe the owner of the studio, I maybe wrong, but he was very nice, kind, and friendly. Thank you so vibe.
Richard B.11/18/2022
Across the psychic Rubicon! - after nearly three years torn from Group Practice what a thrill it has been to re-enter a magical space that combines real and measurable healthy environmental infrastructure with the best of Hot Yoga and Inferno Pilates. Fifth Two weeks ago Steve23 and the team opened an unrivaled space for pursuit of health and fitness. Pandemic and pensiveness kept me from crossing the rubicon for fifty one weeks. For me the time was right. After four glorious classes I feel I’m back. I imagine others like me are soon to follow.
Eryn G.11/17/2022
Best vibes! Friendly, unpretentious cd, great lights, an all-around excellent experience.
Tam L.11/09/2022
Magical. I love this yoga studio. The environment feels so mystical, like something that comes out of a fantasy novel setting. I've been here quite a bit, and all of the teachers I've had the honour of practicing with have been great (Gabrielle, Steve23, Alyssa). They provide excellent feedback and offer adjustments throughout the class. They take effort in getting to know every student by name and making it an inclusive community. It feels like home.
Alice T.11/01/2022
I started attending the New Mission Yoga about a month ago and it's been a great addition to my life. I feel a bit more balanced during my day, sleep better, and have acquired new energy in my life. The instructors are great and I'm always impressed that they make an effort in getting to know us and our names! 🙂
Eliseo A.10/29/2022
Kat M.10/25/2022
Feeling really good after immersion into hot yoga with Steve - thank you from guidance in your pleasant & spacious studio All the high vibes, tunes & colors!!! 💞
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Maria Y.10/18/2022
Beautiful space and wonderful instruction. I really enjoyed myself and was able to do some very necessary healing to go back out into the world.
Todd H.10/17/2022
This was my first time in the new space and I love it, it's a great improvement. This is a great studio, with wonderful hot classes and a very helpful and friendly staff. I'll definitely be back next time I'm in town.
Jessica A.10/13/2022
Alyssa was a great instructor, patient, encouraging and good at demonstrating movements. Great class if you're new or experienced at pilates. New room is excellent also. Love hot exercise, and this is an excellent place for it.
Reid M.9/29/2022
A positively driven class taught by Alyssa. It was my 1st time attending hot pilates & glad I did it as I get back into yoga!
Claudia K.9/27/2022
Really nice to walk into such a friendly, laid back studio and practice hot yoga again. Every instructor has been fantastic and the studio offers both 90 and 60 minute classes so you can get a class in, even on a busy day.
Luis Q.9/27/2022
Amazing first experience! Great instructor, Steve. He led an excellent class. I left the hot yoga class feeling incredible. I can't wait to come back!
Josh C.9/20/2022
I've been practicing with Mission Yoga since it was just Mission Yoga. Steve has been incorporating all of his experience with yoga and building community with a welcoming space that is wonderful to practice in. The teachers are knowledgeable and the vibe is comfortable.
Gabriella D.9/16/2022
Best place for hot yoga. Very good teachers
Kamran A.9/15/2022
This has been my favorite yoga studio for a long time but the new space is a fantastic, really spiritual place to practice with outstanding teachers and a great vibe of all that is wonderful about San Francisco
Danielle Z.9/13/2022
Took the inferno hot Pilates class. It was a little crowded but so much fun! Everyone here is super kind and the atmosphere is really inviting. Will be going back for another session soon!
Peter T.9/11/2022
90 minute Hot Yoga session with Steve this morning . . . great instructor, terrific studio. Steve does just the right amount of pushing the poses so that we get the most out of it.
Michelle M.9/10/2022
Always the best mind body workout!
Angelique M.9/10/2022
Alyssa is so patient and sweet. Love her energy!!!
Chris T.9/06/2022
Absolutely fantastic. The 90 min Hot Yoga is exactly what you want in a 26+2 practice.
Stefanie E.9/03/2022
It has been a joy to get back to in person classes at The New Mission Yoga. The new studio has the same great vibes as the old one. The community is warm and welcoming, the classes are challenging and you can tell how much love Steve puts into his business. Highly recommend!
Robyn P.9/02/2022
I have been wanting to do a Hot Box Yoga class for several years and last night, thanks to Steve23 and the New Mission Yoga, I finally got to check that off my bucket list. I always smoke before yoga and now I finally got to do it out in the open. It was very liberating. My teacher Gabrielle has the perfect tone and demeanor for this class. The lights and the music were just perfect. The room is warm and moist without being stifling. Next week, I am planning on coming back and gonna bring some more friends with me. Thank you, Mission Yoga, for making one of my dreams come true.
I went to the Hot Yoga 90 class today and was quite impressed with the new studio. It’s got the homey-rugged vibe of the mission district and has a very large-spacious studio environment. The cool construction (floors, ceilings, lights, etc.) is high quality and creates an awesome atmosphere. I’ve taken classes with Alyssa for years and she absolutely rocks. If you are around the city definitely sign up for a class or membership, I’ll definitely try to return whenever I can!
One of those places where you just feel kindness from everybody. The hot yoga is good—great instruction
Michael Y.8/25/2022
Amazing teachers, friendly community vibe, powerful heaters & beautiful space. Bravo!
Lindsay C.8/17/2022
The Inferno Hot Pilates class with Alex was amazing! Every time I take an Inferno Hot Pilates class I am challenged. Great yoga studio in the Mission!
Sana A.8/17/2022
Once again, I had an absolute blast at inferno hot pilates. Alex BRINGS IT - she has next-level energy, and pushes us beyond the bounds of what we think our bodies can handle. I was dripping sweat into my eyeballs but it was 100% worth it. I love that every class she teaches is different + she incorporates a ton of core work, planks, mountain climbers, abs, etc. It’s guaranteed that I’m gonna be sore in places I didn’t know existed, but that just means my body is getting sculpted. All the affirmations at the end are just what I need too - hands down best class!!
Paul S.8/16/2022
I have always loved mission yoga! And the new yoga room is amazing. The new studio is a work in progress, but Steve continues to make an amazing gathering place for people to come and connect with their body.
0ccupancy "Ted" 0.8/06/2022
I went to Bikram 90 today and I was really impressed with the new studio. It’s got the homey-rugged vibe of the mission district while also boasting a very large studio and high-quality and cool construction (floors, ceilings, lights, etc.). I’ve taken classes with Alyssa for years all around the city and she absolutely rocks. I will be taking classes at The New Mission Yoga whenever I can make it up to the city. For people who live there or are visiting (of all skill levels) definitely check them out and sign up for a class!
Sean J.7/27/2022
Just went to the new studio and really enjoyed it! So glad to be back! Steve is great and looking forward to working in more practices as time progresses. Will definitely be back!
Eunah K.7/26/2022
I loved it!
Victoria B.7/18/2022
It’s a really friendly and laid back studio with great lighting. But the Bikram classes aren’t that hot so I just didn’t sweat like I do in the many other studios I’ve practised in.
Donna S.7/09/2022
Starting bikram classes live again at The New Mission Yoga has been transformative! My body fell apart during the pandemic - frozen shoulder, lower back pain, and sore hips, what a mess. After three months of yoga, I am back in shape. The new studio is nicer than the old one and has a wonderful community spirit. My go-to-class at the end of the day to strengthen by body and unwind my mind. I'm so glad that this studio is still here.
Charles P.7/05/2022
I have been going to Mission Yoga regularly for many years and practicing Bikram / hot yoga for many more — I have not found a more welcoming, fun, good-vibes studio anywhere. Great instruction, and the new studio is fantastic. This is a great place for both yogis with an established practice and beginners!
David G.6/30/2022
Love this place. So glad Steve us back full steam and in such a beautiful and convenient space. Like old times. Cheers!
Melisa M.6/29/2022
Love this studio.. the vibe is like no other studio in the city. Steve23 is the pillar in the yoga community, real gem. The attention to detail and the intention to build something beautiful.
Daniel R.6/28/2022
The new Mission Yoga isn't just another yoga studio. It's a community, lifestyle and experience for those looking to grow physically and spiritually. I was inspired by the space, enchanted by the teachers and found myself on a better path through my practice. Steve, Alyssa and Alex are living examples of wellness and I can't wait to meet those from whom I haven't yet taken class. I'm on my way to a healthier and happier me. Thanks Mission Yoga!
Morgan R.6/27/2022
I’m so happy I rediscovered mission yoga. The new studio is spacious and totally groovy, in keeping with the previous location. I love the range of classes, mood lighting and the instructors are very pro. Steve23 and Alyssa kick my @$$ in inferno Pilates and I’m so grateful for it. Gabrielle’s approach to hot yoga is gentle, but you still get an amazing start to your day. I’m sure there are more classes I’d love and I’m excited to see them expand and open to a wider community. Many thanks to the staff and the supporters of this place.
Sandra S.6/26/2022
Love love love it , is amazing and I love at the and finishing with relaxing music amazing thank you !!!
Liana M.6/26/2022
Such a wonderful studio and a great class! Definitely coming back!
Stefan P.6/26/2022
"You got it!": a great place to practice, heat and good air, a great community. We made friends during our 1 month stay. You have awesome teachers, everyone is special, Steve23, Alyssa, Alexandra and Gabriella. Thank you all: we learned a lot. New Mission yoga is a jewel! We will miss you.
Tamika S.6/25/2022
The teachers here are extremely knowledgeable and helpful in learning new skills. I feel like my practice improves every time I get feedback from them. The lighting is really beautiful, especially with the high ceilings! What a wonderful new environment 💗 The artwork is another addition and I feel it really adds to the positive, welcoming atmosphere. I highly recommend checking out this studio
Allen G.6/25/2022
Steve and the whole team have created a magical and transformative space. The lighting, the sounds, the aromas and the general groove all provide a wonderful environment in which to exercise, heal and reflect. So grateful to be on this journey with them, and excited to see where things evolve and grow moving forward.
Vilma M.6/24/2022
This place is the best, the teacher was really nice too
Suely C.6/20/2022
The best Yoga place in the Mission!!! and the best Hot Pilates class in San Francisco!!! I loved it!!
Laura Z.6/14/2022
Another great session! Thank you
Blanca L.6/04/2022
I am happy to return to my classes at mission yoga, the instructor is very pleasant, her class thanks
Bianca L.5/31/2022
Joining New Mission Yoga has been such a gift! It has provided me with balance, routine, mental strength, and community. I started coming after developing sciatica from a herniated disc and taking bikram yoga and pilates classes have helped me manage the pain and keep moving. Thank you to Steve23 and the whole New Mission Yoga team <3
Astrid A.5/17/2022
One of my favorite self-care activities is my Bikram Yoga class. In the New Mission Studio, I can relax and stretch and strengthen my body in a warm and beautiful environment. Thanks for being here for the community! I also love pilates class!!
Sean M.5/05/2022
Great spot for yoga, super nice people
Fatemah N.4/29/2022
Thoroughly enjoyed the Steve23 the instructor and the ambience. Great yoga class! The winding down of the class towards the end was very healing. I would say it was a beautiful experience overall.
Claude G.4/24/2022
It is so wonderful to be back practicing with Steve. The New Mission Yoga studio is a fantastic environment for your yoga practice. So much attention was paid to the details, making this space a warm and inviting oaisis. It is so apparent that Steve put a ton of time and thoughtful attention into ensuring that practitioners have the best possible experience. Instructors are fantastic and the vibes are so positive. The New Mission Yoga is a true neighborhood treasure. Love practicing here.
Lysa A.4/22/2022
When I walked into the door of The New Mission Yoga for the first time, I felt instantly at home! The space is much larger than it seems from the outside and is so warm and inviting. Just crossing the threshold takes you away from "the fray" of busy Mission Street. Everywhere you look you can tell that great effort and love went into making the reception area, retail areas, sitting room, and passageways welcoming and comfortable. The yoga studio is wonderful - full of beautiful colors, light-filled, great soft music during the practices, and plenty of room so people don't feel like they are stacked up against one another. The air filtration system brings peace of mind as well in these pandemic times. The owner, Steve, is a gentle and loving soul and so welcoming to all who enter.
Zoya G.4/21/2022
Steve23 is the most amazing yoga teacher I have come across in a while. I love his energy and classes. Come here for a great vibe and workout and to meet even more awesome people in a super open environment
Liam S.4/13/2022
The best hit yoga class I’ve been to yet! The instructor Gabi orchestrated a masterful flow while providing great verbal attention to everyone
Kim R.4/12/2022
New Mission Yoga is a warm, friendly, comfortable neighborhood yoga studio. I hadn't done yoga in many years and was a little intimidated and didn't know what to expect. Steve23 taught the class I participated in. He was very encouraging and my discomfort was immediately relieved. I highly recommend Mission yoga to anyone looking for a community to practice in.
Dylan S.4/05/2022
Cool studio, good schedule, great instructors. Really enjoyed my last 2 weeks as a member and have felt lot of improvement in my practice and general well-being.
Steve23 S.4/04/2022
OMG, this is the most beautiful yoga studio I have ever built and I can't wait for you to come take my class! Much like a yoga practice, with daily work, the studio is getting better and better in big and little ways.
Stephanie K.3/25/2022
The New Mission Yoga studio is like no other studio in the city. Thanks to Steve’s vision and warmth and sense of community, the studio feels unbelievably welcoming, unpretentious, and ideal for practicing in a way that’s both energized and free of judgement. The space itself is quirky and inviting, complete with “stars” on the ceiling and sconces on the walls. The classes (there’s bikram and hot Pilates) always leave me feeling pleasantly exhausted and hopeful for what’s to come.
Adrianna P.3/25/2022
Steve(the owner) is a great instructor, the community at New Mission yoga is really amazing. Happy to find a location for hot yoga so close to home with such great energy.
Lisa T.3/25/2022
Thanks to Steve23 and The New Mission Yoga I have become a HIIT hot Pilates disciple! This is a warm, welcoming and energizing community where your mind and body connect to feed your spirit!
Adam B.3/25/2022
Steve23 and the wonderful community he’s come to cultivate is truly incredibly special, for anyone who has yet to enjoy the wonders of what a hot26 practice can deliver, look no further! Endless love for my mission yoga fam <3
ben q.3/25/2022
Great space, great vibe, great teachers and great fellow exercisers! Love it
Amanda C.3/09/2022
Wonderful class! I've taken hot yoga at a number of studios and this one has been my favorite. It has a very welcoming and calm atmosphere and the instruction is wonderful. Looking forward to continuing my practice here!